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Ultimate Adult Webmaster Guide

Last update: 2022. 12. 09.


Adult webcam webmaster secrets. How to avoid deceptions and scams?

If You are reading these sentences, You are obviously here because You are interested about how to gain passive income of even millions by promoting adult websites having sexual content. Now You are going to read such an easy-to-understand summary that You won’t find at any other website, it’s guaranteed. At least as long as they don’t copy it 😊 Therefore, it is worth to carefully go through the lessons to avoid those deceptions, where many has already lost much time and/or money.

So You are willing to earn money instead of investing. Am I right? I exactly know it, so I provide a practical guidance for You. Free of charge. I don’t ask any money from You for my guidance either, since I am going to receive my commission from others, so ‘somebody’ have paid or will pay that amount instead of You, which You should pay for me to read these sentences...

So what I give You now, will be all free of charge, and I will spare much time that You would certainly lose. You would invest much work, time and money into this whole stuff, and if You turned to a wrong direction (which is almost sure due to the lack of your experiences), then when You reached the right way towards success, You would no money, no power nor faith for it. Anyway, most people fail by following this route. Did You know this? However, my only and honest interest is to make You earn money, because I also get money – from others. Do You understand, darling? 😘

What and how to be an Expert?

First of all we have to clarify that if You are about to promote websites having sexual content using so-called affiliate marketing* (or other) methods, then forget the porn movie watch/download – i.e. Tube and similar sites. Moreover I ask You not to deal with aphrodisiacs, sexual accessories or other stuff promoting scam sites/products, because You will fail within no time.

* The word ‘affiliate’ means that You promote a parent company, which reimburses commission for You based on different opportunities.

Let’s just think into about what is more available solution for You: building up a luxury hotel at the Canary Islands or organizing tourists into an already built-up luxury hotel and thus receiving commission from that hotel Well, You don’t have some million USD in cash to create an adult webcam site?

I tell You that even if a sex-cam site may be established using less money, in order to make the world learn the name of your website, You certainly need to pay such an amount that is not available for You now, otherwise You wouldn’t read this guidance either 🙄

And we have not mentioned the models yet? Who will be present at your site? How are You going to organize them there? Give it up, this is a mission impossible when competing with whales

* Whales are those investors, who rule the (adult) market

What are people hungry for: 

Internet makes it available since appr. 2003 to establish live video connection with each other in proper quality – regardless of their physical location. Nowadays, however, the evolvement of Internet and the bandwidth enables to establish high-res video connection with each other, using desktop computer, notebook or smartphone, tablet. This opportunity brought the demand that people can enter into virtual sex contact with each other, regardless their physical location.

Here we have arrived to the essential part: since an enormous industry has developed on sex webcam connections, and there are approximately 30 such worldwide websites where these opportunity is ensured between the models (i.e. the performers) and the subscribers (i.e. users, spectators/subscribers).

Webcam sex is nothing other than…

- On one side, there are models (female, male, transgender or couples), who in so-called audio-video streaming

- Provide sexual show, for the pleasure of the subscribers on the other side.

Obviously, this pleasure is not free of charge (or restricted). However, the user (i.e. the spectator) has to purchase credits, tokens (in advance) which he can spend on such pleasures. These huge amounts are distributed between the model (who provides the live sex-cam show) and the owner of the website (who operates the system), and last but not least, You, i.e. the prospective adult webmaster, who interconnects this supply and demand with each other.

Why is it worth to deal exclusively with sex-webcam sites?

As the joke says: “...if sexual contents were erased from the Internet, then the ‘remaining part’ could be stored on a little memory card (or a PenDrive)..." 🤣

This also shows well how huge interest are there for pornography. However, You obviously know that most pornographic contents are also available free of charge online – I mean primarily erotic movies, so-called Tube-streaming channels, torrent sites – where You can watch and download millions of sex movies free of charge.

Therefore, it is obvious that most people do not prefer to pay for pre-recorded pornographic contents, i.e. to watch or download porn movies, since they assume that the world deserve them ‘for free’. Just like YouTube or Facebook. Of course, there are certain ‘gaps’ in porn movies – special, bizarre contents that are excluded by most erotic websites. Such as child pornography, rape and zoophilia (having sex with animals).

You shouldn’t attempt to make money with such contents either, since their promotion is pretty banned in the Internet, moreover, they are deemed criminal offence in most countries. That’s why I tell You that You won’t be able to earn money from promoting websites dealing with porn movies, not only because the ‘market’ is full, but also because promoting the special ‘gaps’ (perversions, philiae) is deemed criminal offences.

Then what is that people are ready to, have to pay for?

This is nothing other than live interactive sexual streaming, i.e. sex-webcam. Nobody can get it free of charge, since the connection is established when someone subscribed to it. Therefore, this will never become ‘cracked’, since as long as the performer (model) is not ascertained about that the spectator paid the ‘price of the movie ticket’, she won’t start virtual sex. Do You understand? You can never download, copy, crack it, and that’s why You have to deal only with it! Since people are unable to evade the systems here, and if they don’t pay, there will be no virtual pleasure.

What does live sex cam-sex mean? 

As I have already described for You, promotion of websites dealing with sex movies and pre-recorded contents (in my view) won’t make You rich even not on the long term. However, there are many people starved out for sex worldwide, who do not only want to watch porn movies. And I think I don’t tell You a secret when revealing that most of them are male…

Let’s split demand into two:

- The first ‘group’ is who are looking for real sex partners, who they are going to (hopefully) meet in real life too. This is ‘traditional’ sex partner searching. Here I won’t discuss that mostly girls are looking for real partners, so this stuff does not work well, just like in the times before Internet. However, the fact create additional barriers that the desired sex partner (found online) might live in the other side of the world...

- The other main group, however, feels pleasure in ‘meeting’ such models virtually, where it does not make a difference in which part of the world are they at the moment.

Internet, however, provides the opportunity to enjoy ‘live’ virtual sex, via the computer display, the smartphone’s screen, where the only difference from actual sexual action is physical touch.

Yes, darling, it is correct: here is where the mankind has arrived. Virtual reality, two (or more) people may have sex (masturbate) at any distant points of the world live at the same time, in HD quality, with perfect image, audio and even in 3D glasses. Who could imagine it one hundred years ago, that this will come true? 😗

Types of the first erotic shows

In live sex cam connections it was specific before that only the ‘subscriber’ could see the sexual activity of the selected model – on his own computer or smartphone. He could tell the model what kind of sexual events to perform (on the subscriber’s request) in the form of live text chat continuously. This was not an easy task for the subscriber, since he was masturbating with is one hand, while typing his requests using his other hand on the keyboard, which the model read and performed 😛

Meanwhile, technology has also evolved, and today bi-directional, so-called full-duplex, i.e. cam-to-cam features has become available, providing the opportunity for the subscriber to show even himself to the model, thus an actual, bi-directional virtual reality is built-up, where all participants can see and hear the others. Wow!

Beside these, such extra games play a role such as remote-controlled vibrator: the subscriber, for extra credit, may take control and operate the cabled or wireless vibrator or ‘sex machine’ at the model remotely in real time. Another Wow! 😊

Well and how can You make money and how to get share from the cash revenue of billions in it?

First, You may become a model, meaning that You provide the show according to the subscribers request via a webcam. If You are interested about it, so You would like to become a model, please click on the following link and read through our “how to become a webcam model” guide.

The other option is to create a model video studio. This means that You rent a location (flat) for this purpose and meet the technical requirements (cameras, computers, operators, etc.). You have to give salary for the model. To this end, You can join any worldwide sex cam website as a broadcasting studio. This, however, requires significant investment, and if You are not experienced enough, You may lose your money within no time. I think You are reading my blog not because You are going to open an affiliated model studio...

So let’s stay at the third option detailed in this guide, i.e. that You will promote already existing sexcam websites, models, studios – so You direct spectators, i.e. subscribers to them, and You receive (a continuously rising) monthly income after the financial transactions.

These are not change money! Some parent companies give You even the 50% of their high incomes. So it is important to know that millions of dollars are transferred monthly in this industry, although competition is also significant.

On the other hand, promoting camsex sites requires relatively low investment, moreover, You don’t have to present yourself as a model, and You don’t have to convince and pay other models either to work for You. However, it will require You to show much patience, endurance, looking for the special gaps!

Well, this was the introduction so far, but don’t worry, I did not scam You and all tips & tricks will remain free of charge, that I will share with You 

Well, let’s stop for a moment, because I also have to ascertain about whether You are ready to spend some clicks to send You the three-day intensive course knowledge material. So now I ask You to provide that e-mail address in exchange for my work where I will send the key notes, secrets, tips & tricks that promptly brings You to the right way before somebody could scam You, or mislead You on different forums, intentionally. Since this world is like that.

Cilck here. Type "AWS" on the subject

* Important: unfortunately the mails, due to their adult content, are likely to land into your SPAM folder. Google and other mailing systems do not prefer adult content (...), so it is received as spams in most cases. Therefore I ask You to check your mailbox including the spam (or ads) folder… If You find my mail there, please help me by clicking on the “this is not spam” button in your mailing software.

I wish You much luck, we are going to ‘meet’ soon and You will also become rich!😘

Hug: Sandra 😇

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