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Last update: 2023. 11. 30.

Sex Emulator Porn Game Official Review


The thing that most people do not understand about hentai or animated pornography is the experience of a different type of arousal in the body. Yes, regular porn is good, but what if it is just more than watching? One such website that unleashes the best part of hentai or sex stimulation online is SexEmulator. If you think it is just a random porn web page with some basic assets, you are wrong. SexEmulator is more significant than that. While most adult pages only limit pornography videos, photos, GIFs, live sex sessions with models, etc., SexEmulator gives you the chance to create an online 3D sex doll depending on your needs and requirements. Difficult to believe, right? That is precisely what I felt too! The website is too addictive so, if you are going to sign up for SexEmulator, make sure you have plenty of time and energy in your hand.

If you are looking for an adult webpage that spices up your alone time, you are at the right place. I am about to introduce you to the extraordinary online sex game web page that will keep you hooked always and forever!

First Impression of SexEmulator

To enter the webpage at one go, you can click here. After redirected to the webpage, you will be opened-heartedly invited to check out the games SexEmulator has to offer. You can see an option that says “Play Now.” After you click on it, you will be asked to choose between the type of your game, i.e., i. Soft ii. Hard and, iii. Extreme - By selecting either of the options, you will choose soft sex games, hard sex games, or extreme hardcore sex games Once done, you will be then asked to name and design your sex model doll. You can change your sex doll’s hair color, ethnicity, breast size, and skills such as sucking, anal, spanking, etc. After finishing creating your sex doll, you can then choose your fantasy. Under fantasy, you can make the sex doll perform as per your selected preferences like making the sex doll squirt, give a blowjob, dance, handcuff, etc. The options of fantasy keep getting better if you register your account.

For registering, all you need to provide is:

1. Your email ID
2. Your password for SexEmulator
3. Your first name
4. Your last name
5. The country you come from
6. The zip code of your country

The last procedure to continue the game as a free member is to provide your credit/debit/master card details for age verification. Once verified, you can get cozy and check your models out, learn how else they can pleasure you.
Also, by providing the debit/credit card details to the webpage, you also agree to a secure billing that directly deducts the amount you chose to get charged for the monthly SexEmulator experience.

The games SexEmulator offers

It would be wrong if I say ‘’games’’. SexEmulator offers different fantasies that you can choose from and participate in with your personalized sex doll. Some of the best fantasies you can choose from are:

1. Tits
2. In this fantasy choice, you can explore adore the big bust your model owns.
3. Oil
4. This choice allows you to give your 3D sex doll an oil massage, turn her on, and do all the other naughty things you wish to do.
5. Cuffs
6. Handcuffs, police-thief roleplay, man oh man! The fantasies are never-ending, and exactly for which, SexEmulator also offers cuff-based fantasy where you can handcuff your sex doll, touch her, embrace her youth, and pleasure yourself.
7. Group sex
8. You can get your 3D model doll along with other 3D models, playing around, touching, groping, and what not while you watch, or maybe take part, regardless of your pleasure point.
9. Furry
10. Amidst all rough and tough times, a cute little dress-up like teddy bears or bunnies on your sexy 3D sex doll would be the perfect icing on the cake.

Price of the SexEmulator subscription

It is roughly believed that newcomers do not need to pay, and it is free for them. However, the game does charge a certain amount of money for special requests and exclusive scenes or fantasies, safely and directly from your registered bank account. The amount varies somewhere near $1 to $50, which is pretty affordable and worthy depending on the services you will be getting from SexEmulator.

User Experience

SexEmulator has become of the best choices for most users now. The real life-like experience has caught users’ attention literally. Along with the different and wild fantasies, SexEmulator also provides an unbelievable amount of high-quality graphics. The users of SexEmulator come from other parts of the globe. May that be from Singapore or Japan.


If you are 18+ above and are looking for a good website with a highly-defined entertainment spot, SexEmulator is the best choice for you.

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szandrapng-ok.png❤️ PRO:
✔️ Full HD & 4K Cams, anti lagging
✔️ Models are kind, attentive, sensible
✔️ Reliable website, excellent support

❌ CON:
- You have to pay for the pleasures (but where not?)


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from 133159 votes
Cheers ❤️ Sandra
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